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PPC Experts vs PPC Agencies: When to Use an Expert Over an Agency

Crack the PPC code. Find out whether to bet on a solo expert or go with a dynamic agency for your digital advertising needs.

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By Sandra Stepan
Ben Kazinik
Edited by Ben Kazinik

Updated March 31, 2024.


Did you know that PPC ads can increase brand awareness by as much as 80%? Such a significant impact requires the right expertise to benefit fully. This is where the decision comes in: should you go with a PPC expert or an agency?

Both have their unique advantages and the best choice depends on your specific business goals and requirements. Let's discover the perfect PPC partner match based on your business goals and requirements.

Meet the expert

Sandra Stepan, a seasoned digital marketing and eCommerce expert, is the founder of SnapAdvantage. Her diverse portfolio includes collaborations with startups and companies with $20 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), solidifying her as a leading resource for brands seeking growth and revenue optimization.

What is a PPC expert?

A PPC expert is a seasoned pro in pay-per-click advertising, with loads of experience managing campaigns. They offer tailored industry-specific solutions, are adaptable, and are ideal for smaller businesses with focused PPC needs.

Why hire a PPC expert?

Their key strengths include the ability to make quick adjustments and their open communication. If you're after someone who can roll with the punches, an expert's your pick. With Mayple's effective AI-powered matching, you can be confident that the expert we pair you with has these qualities. Mayple offers expertise, flexibility, and monitoring that few others can boast.

What is a PPC agency?

A PPC agency is a collective of skilled pros that handle a wide range of campaigns across platforms like Google, Meta, and TikTok. The key perks of working with a PPC agency include access to a versatile team, scalable services without in-house hiring, and efficient campaign management from launch to maintenance.

Why hire a PPC agency?

You may want to consider a paid media agency if you’ve got a mix of PPC needs across various channels. Hiring a PPC agency through Mayple means getting niche expertise, data-driven vetting, ongoing support and monitoring, and more.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific circumstances, budget, and how quickly you need to scale your Facebook ads for example. Also, assess the ROI of hiring internally versus working with an agency to make the right choice for your business.

Ultimately, there's no one-size-fits-all recipe for finding the right type of expertise for your PPC needs. Here are some fundamental tips to help you make the right choice:

Vet your choice

Start by evaluating the expertise of the PPC professional or PPC agency. You'll want the best ppc agencies, so ask for case studies showcasing their industry-specific knowledge and channel expertise. Ensure they substantiate their claims with tangible results, and don't hesitate to request testimonials to support their credibility.

Evaluate costs

Compare in-house experts, PPC consultants, freelancers, and PPC agencies. Don't immediately assume that agencies are always costly. For the money, they provide extensive expertise and experience, plus the freedom from constant supervision.

On the flip side, hiring in-house might sound cheaper because they can use free creation tools like ChatGPT for PPC ads, but it could also mean ongoing training and management, possibly resulting in higher costs overall.

Many business owners believe having a small PPC budget will be enough because they're already paying an expert to manage their campaigns. However, in reality, you might need to spend a significant amount of money upfront before seeing a return on investment.

Hiring a PPC agency will always come with a cost due to the expertise you get, such as ad copywriters and account managers, but you shouldn't reduce your ad budget because of this. Ideally, your ad budget should be in proportion to your expected results. Instead of downsizing your ad spend, anticipate improved results, faster communication, and a higher level of professionalism.

Test and experiment

It is not uncommon for business owners to explore different PPC management strategies before finding the most suitable one for their needs. Remember that PPC is a fundamental aspect of paid advertising for businesses, making it worthwhile to experiment and uncover the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

How to set the proper PPC budget

Setting the proper PPC ad budget is crucial for a successful campaign. Here's how you can identify the ideal budget for your business:

  • Consider your ROI: Begin by assessing the return on investment (ROI) for your specific industry. For instance, a law practice can potentially make much more revenue from a single client compared to a yoga studio. Consider
    that generating income through PPC affiliate marketing can optimize your budget.
  • Industry and market size: The nature of your business and the size of your market are vital factors to consider. Your industry's typical service costs and the competition will impact your PPC costs, and high-value services often lead to higher PPC costs.
  • Market competition: The level of competition in your industry and the expertise of competitors in PPC advertising matter. If many competitors are effectively running PPC campaigns, this can increase the cost per click due to how competitive the market is.
  • Search volume: Consider the search volume for your industry. The cost per click will likely be higher if there's a high demand and frequent searches related to your services. In other words, CPCs are the least expensive if you aim to gain post engagement. However, the cost-per-click goes up according to the complexity of your objective, such as it was with the Facebook median CPC from 2018—2019.

By considering these factors, you can tailor your PPC budget to align with your specific industry, market, and competition, ensuring that your investment yields the best results.

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Making the right choice between a PPC expert and a PPC agency

Choosing between a PPC agency or expert hinges on your business needs, budget, and growth goals. Remember to evaluate your ROI, beware of common misconceptions, and ensure your ad spend matches industry specifics.