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10 Best PPC Agencies of 2024

Looking for the best marketing partner to boost your PPC efforts? Look no further. Here are the top PPC agencies from all around the world.

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By Mayple staff
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Updated April 11, 2024.

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Considering that the initial page of search results captures 95% of the total search traffic, PPC advertising can play a pivotal role in your digital marketing efforts. With help from these top PPC agencies, you can turn clicks into cash and take your business to the next level. They have a proven track record of consistently delivering impactful results and can handle all that needs doing when it comes to PPC advertising.

Our top picks for PPC agencies

1. PPC Boost - Best overall

2. Sophisticated Marketing Solutions - Best for paid search marketing

3. Tale Digital - Best for Google-focused advertising

4. Dakota Ridge Marketing - Best for B2B advertising solutions

5. Cedarwood Digital - Best for transparent PPC advertising

6. Social Kick - Best for video-based content marketing

7. 360 Om - Best for diverse PPC marketing solutions

8. Sensters - Best for data-backed PPC results

9. SEM Booster - Best for results-driven PPC marketing strategies

10. Terrific Digital - Best for startup PPC solutions

What is a PPC agency?

A PPC agency is an organization that provides paid search advertisements (also known as pay-per-click or PPC) to various websites. These ads typically appear when someone searches for specific keywords related to the products and services offered by the advertiser. PPC ads can appear on search engines like Google or Bing, as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Best overall


PPC Boost Image

PPC Boost

Google Ads | Paid Social | Amazon Ads | SEO

PCC Boost scale eCommerce PPC campaigns for high-growth companies on Google, Amazon, and Facebook. They have 20 years of digital marketing experience with advertising and eCommerce SEO, and a proven track record of helping eCommerce companies hit record revenue targets.

Going beyond the conventional focus on driving sales, PPC Boost prioritizes the profitability of campaigns before considering any account scaling. Their results-oriented approach makes them a strategic partner capable of delivering tangible, sustained success for your brand.

  • Industry experience: Multiple, with main focus on eCommerce
  • Track record: Achieved over 400% ROAS and $9m+ for clients
  • Services: Google ads, paid social, Amazon ads, SEO

eCommerce focused

Strong track record with proven results

20 years of industry experience

No transparent pricing guidelines

Best for paid search marketing


Sophisticated Marketing Solutions website

Sophisticated Marketing Solutions

PPC | Social Media Ads | Amazon Ads | Bing Ads

Brief overview

Sophisticated Marketing Solutions is all about delivering fast results through highly measurable PPC campaigns. With quality customer assistance and affordable, effective service options, SMS facilitates direct communication, so clients have direct access to a dedicated team of PPC specialists.

Why we chose Sophisticated Marketing Solutions

Their unique approach seamlessly blends research, targeting, and analysis. And in a landscape where startup fees can be exorbitant, Sophisticated Marketing Solution stands out for its commitment to cost-effectiveness.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries, with a focus on small businesses
  • Track record: Multi-award-winning, strong partnerships with global brands
  • Services: PPC, social media ads, Amazon ads, Bing ads

Pros and cons

They offer a free consultation

Focus on small businesses

Regular and detailed reporting

Limitations in scalability for larger enterprises

Best for Google-focussed advertising


Tale Digital

Tale Digital

Google Ads | Google Shopping | PPC

With a legacy in online marketing since 2008, Tale Digital has transcended traditional consultancy by actively managing paid advertising across diverse platforms. The agency's expertise extends to seamless audience synchronization from Klaviyo to Google Ads and Meta Ads, ensuring precision in Performance Max, Paid Social, Shopping, Paid Search, and Discovery campaigns

Tale Digital is a top choice for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and maximize advertising ROI. What's more, the agency sets a new standard in reporting through Looker Studio, backed by data warehousing in, offering unified and streamlined insights for informed decision-making.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Operating since 2015, impressive client retention rate
  • Services: Google ads, Google shopping, PPC

Experience in managing diverse ad campaigns

Local expertise for campaigns targeting specific regions

Employs a seamless approach to PPC advertising

May be a costly consideration for small businesses

Best for B2B solutions


Dakota Ridge Marketing Website

Dakota Ridge Marketing

Google Ads | Marketing Strategy | B2B Marketing

Dakota Ridge Marketing, spearheaded by marketing veteran Mark Howells, is a distinguished paid media agency dedicated to leveraging two decades of expertise in marketing and advertising. Specializing in empowering companies to enhance their content strategies and expand online audiences, DRM sets itself apart through its unique focus on crafting interactive content.

Beyond content creation, DRM excels in strategic inbound and outbound marketing, providing businesses with the tools to differentiate themselves, drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately boost sales.

  • Industry experience: IT services
  • Track record: 20-year track record
  • Services: Google ads, marketing strategy, B2B marketing, social media management

Comprehensive marketing services

Experienced leadership with a deep understanding of the industry

Transparent pricing

Limited industry focus

Best for communication-driven results


Cedarwood Digital

Cedarwood Digital

eCommerce marketing | Google Ads | Facebook Ads

Cedarwood, a UK-based agency, has cultivated profound expertise in select marketing domains, focusing primarily on SEO, content, and PPC. Their approach stands out for its distinctive and refreshing methodology. Rather than assigning customers to account managers, Cedarwood allows direct communication between clients and the specialized experts on their team, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the entire process.

Cedarwood is a great pick for businesses looking for effective and creative paid advertising solutions due to their expertise, direct communication with clients, and impressive track record.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: 60% YOY growth, 33 countries targeted, 126% increase in leads YOY
  • Services: eCommerce marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads

Specialized expertise allows for the creation of highly effective ad campaigns

Direct and efficient client communication

High client retention

Limited service range

Best for video content


Social Kick Cover Image

Social Kick

eCommerce marketing | Video | Google Ads

Social Kick provides entrepreneurs with a complete team skilled in videos, Facebook and Google ads, sales funnels, and email marketing. No need to manage in-house teams or deal with multiple agencies—this team has funnel designers, developers, digital marketers, and video producers ready to help.

Social Kick stands out for its holistic approach to marketing, providing a comprehensive team that covers all aspects of the process. Their specialization in video content aligns perfectly with the current trends in marketing and social media, and the combination of their Facebook expertise with professional video production promises a winning strategy.

  • Industry experience: Mostly health and beauty sectors
  • Track record: $1M+ in worldwide sales, 463% YoY sales increase, 150% increase in sales
  • Services: eCommerce marketing, video, Facebook & Google ads

Proven track record of thousands of clients

Specialists in emerging video content creation

Diverse teams with multiple marketing mediums

Limited sectors which may not cover your industry

Best for diverse PPC marketing solutions


360 Om digital marketing | paid advertising company homepage

360 Om

PPC | Paid Social | SEO

360 Om is a dynamic agency dedicated to propelling brands toward growth and accelerating their online marketing goals, particularly through paid search and paid social strategies. They're committed to making your brand stand out, offering a range of specialties such as PPC, paid social, email marketing, SEO, Apple search ads, and Google App campaigns.

With specialists in Google ads, Search ads, and Bing ads, 360 Om have a proven track record of leading successful campaigns for global brands, ensuring maximum return on investment. Furthermore, their expertise and client-focused approach make them the perfect partner for your marketing goals.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: They've led large-scale campaigns for global brands
  • Services: PPC, paid social, SEO

Globally-based expertise in a variety of digital marketing segments

Transparent reporting for a clear understanding of campaign performance

Ongoing strategy and planning sessions to keep campaigns fresh

No pricing info available

Best for data-backed PPC results


Sensters. digital marketing | paid advertising agency | company logo


PPC | Social Media Ads

Sensters is a top-rated digital marketing agency recognized by Yahoo Finance. Known for their results-driven approach, they specialize in creating effective marketing solutions that make a real impact in the digital realm. Their services include running digital ad campaigns, A/B testing, analytics setup, and social media management to name but a few.

Sensters is committed to measurable results through data-driven strategies, web analytics, and performance tracking. Their access to additional resources makes them a reliable choice for clients with ambitious advertising goals.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries including government agencies and tech startups
  • Track record: Established track record dating back to 2017
  • Services: PPC, social media ads

Comprehensive service offering

Data-driven strategies

Proven track record and scalability

Clients may need to navigate a more intricate project management process

Best for analytical PPC marketing strategies


a homepage for a digital marketing company SEM Booster

SEM Booster

eCommerce Advertising Experts | PPC

SEM Booster is the one-stop solution for online marketing services focused on delivering results and boosting ROI. Their team offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM) across major search engines, Google Display Network (GDN) advertising, remarketing, and social media marketing for enhanced online visibility.

What sets SEM Booster apart is their commitment to intelligent decision-making backed by real data, ensuring every action they take is well-informed.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Operating since 2013
  • Services: eCommerce advertising, PPC + social media ads, LinkedIn ads

Experienced and certified online marketers

Real data for tracking and reporting

Result-driven approach

No transparent pricing info available

Best for startup PPC solutions


Terrific Digital Website

Terrific Digital

PPC | Google Shopping | Social Media Ads

The Terrific Digital team is passionate about teaching brands to navigate the online world with proven data-driven strategies. Their approach ensures sharp and accurate targeting, creating narratives that resonate with your most relevant and interested clients to maximize reach across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, and more.

Their commitment to tried-and-true, data-driven marketing strategies enables them to craft comprehensive 360° solutions, thus ensuring a holistic approach to your digital presence.

  • Industry experience: Multiple industries
  • Track record: Proven with large global brands
  • Services: PPC, Google shopping, social media ads

Provides comprehensive 360° solutions

Experienced with large global brands like Logitech and Unicef

Proficiency in working with various platforms

Lacking pricing information online

What do pay-per-click (PPC) companies do?

Pay-per-click (or PPC) companies help businesses manage their advertising campaigns on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. They also provide analytics to see how successful your ad campaign has been and what keywords have generated the most traffic.

Here's a breakdown of the various aspects of PPC management:

PPC Audit

The first thing a PPC management agency would do is an extensive PPC audit. The audit will include looking at your advertising campaigns, your audience targeting, conversion tracking, and the way the account is set up. A good agency would also check to ensure you're not missing any ad types or retargeting campaigns.

Keyword analysis

Next, the agency would look at your keywords (including negative keywords) for each of your campaigns. Each search engine and social media platform has its own rules and marketing strategies around keyword lists. Make sure that the digital agency you work with has experience with the specific platform that you're using.

» Discover the perfect keywords for your eCommerce brand.

Competitor analysis

A critical part of the PPC audit is looking at what your competitors are doing. That involves looking at their ad copy, creatives, and landing pages and seeing the type of campaigns they run.

Channel strategy

Once the research is done, the digital agency will create a digital marketing strategy for each channel. For example, Amazon PPC is very different from Google PPC campaigns, so you need a different strategy for each channel.

The channel strategy should also match up with the overall digital marketing strategy of the business because there is often overlap between a company's PPC campaigns and its social media marketing or the A/B tests it's running as part of its conversion rate optimization program.


A good agency will monitor every campaign and every ad they run and keep track of the results. They will regularly log into the account (on a weekly or even daily basis) and make changes to optimize performance.

A/B testing

A/B testing and experimentation are a crucial part of any kind of pay-per-click management. It's important to test different variations of creatives, ad types, and audience targeting regularly in order to improve conversion rates.

What are the different types of PPC ads?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and encompasses a wide range of ad formats, including display ads, Google Shopping Ads, programmatic ads, and native ads. PPC could also include video ads on YouTube and other social media sites.

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) include things like display ads that appear on the search results page, Google Shopping ads, YouTube video ads, and much more. They are the best at helping you get relevant traffic to your site, and they're especially powerful for eCommerce businesses.

Social media advertising

Social media ads include Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and TikTok ads. Some are PPC-based, where you pay per click, so a lot of paid media agencies do offer them.

Mobile app advertising

Some businesses run ads on mobile apps, and if there are specific apps that your target audience uses, then you should find an advertising agency that specializes in this channel.

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing or SEM refers to ads that appear on search engine result pages. It's a subset of the wider category of PPC ads. It's sometimes called search engine advertising or Google PPC.

What's the difference between SEO and PPC?

PPC is paid advertising (like display advertising) that a business has to pay for. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves improving the organic search rankings of your site pages with the goal of getting more qualified traffic to your website. It doesn't require ad spend or creatives.

How much should I spend on ads to get results?

In our experience, it's best to start with a $10k ad budget in a particular marketing channel to get enough data and be able to optimize your campaigns.

If you are not there yet, consider using other forms of online marketing, such as social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, or growth marketing. Some agencies charge hourly rates if you want to get a quick consultation.

How much do PPC Advertising services cost?

The cost of PPC management varies based on your marketing budget. Usually, the higher your budget, the more expensive the agency's retainer is. The good news is that if you work with Mayple, our vetted Google Ads agencies and PPC consultants charge a pretty standard management fee, which includes everything except for graphic design work.

How do you choose the right PPC company for your business?

Find an agency with channel-specific experience

It completely depends on the advertising platform that you are running your ads on. You should choose a top PPC agency that has a proven track record of running ads on the specific platform that you are using for your business.

See their case studies

Don't get wowed by their fancy customer reviews. Look at their actual case studies and see the kind of target audiences, marketing budgets, and types of marketing campaigns they have experience running. Most PPC companies won't let you look under the hood at their actual data, but it's always good to ask for some screenshots.

Ask about their process

It's always important to find out the marketing agency's process for campaign management and reporting. Helpful questions to ask include:

  • How often do you report on your results?
  • Would we have regular calls? How often?
  • How many A/B tests do you run per month?
  • How many people will I be in touch with?
  • Will I get an assigned project manager?

Build your A-team of marketing experts

Even the best marketing company doesn't work in a vacuum. You can dramatically improve your results with PPC if you also run conversion rate optimization campaigns, improve your online presence with reputation management, boost your email campaigns, and utilize omnichannel strategies to reach out to potential clients on all the relevant channels.

You need a marketing expert for each of those digital marketing channels, and with Mayple, you can build a dedicated team of experts that will create and implement a winning digital strategy for your business.

It's like having a full-service digital marketing agency on your side, just with more transparency, communication, and better results. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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