Target CPA was achieved, while the budget was increased X2


Eyal Dror Consulting Ltd

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The Challenge

Hi, at Eyal Dror Consulting, we pride ourselves of taking on the biggest challenges.

This client approached us with high ticket products (starting at $1500 USD), running budgets of over $30K, and not being able to produce any sales.

We surveyed their site, and found out some technical issues, we also improved their ads, bids, product pricing and offering, and we got them to a position where they are selling and meeting target CPAs and growing!

The Process

improved ads, quality score, focused on the right products and creative

The Solution

Target CPA was achieved, while the budget was increased X2

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping


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Dream Weaver

Small local business with one physical location and little online presence was opening a second seasonal location and needed help with digital marketing, and wanted to migrate to a point-of-sale system that was synchronized across locations.




Fintech startup in a saturated market. when we started our cooperation we didn't know exactly who are our customers were, so I worked frequently with the sales team. We had to crack the right (B2B) keywords for the Google campaigns.

Well Told Health

  • Aggressively expand market share and scale growth
  • Support retail growth of key retailers & key hyper targeted audiences




Snagajob is a leader in the job boards space. I was brought on as a contractor to help them with digital media buying for a new service they were offering. Snagajob Workers allows people to apply to Snagajob, then select shifts they want to work with local companies. On-demand shifts with weekly payouts. I helped determine budgets for various channels, determine what efficiency goals were expected, what channels we should be in, then executed the media buying and optimized to bring down 'cost per applicant' as much as possible.