Isabella W.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Marketing to consumers to provide them with potential financial solutions using my client was difficult, we needed the right balance of education, ad content and lead magnet to get the consumer to engage. We started with being more specific with our audience, targeting business owners and home owners, we then targeted the messaging to both and built our content around each audience. This made a huge difference as we were able to tailor our messaging just right to each very different audience, ultimately getting them to understand what The Loanery offer and convincing them to get in touch and convert through the ad.

The Process

I was employed as the Facebook Ads expert and Digital Ads Manager. I planned, executed and managed the entire Facebook and Instagram Ads digital strategy.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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My goal, when joining HiBob, was to lead all the paid activities for the company, and help the company achieve its growth goals.


  • Digital strategy to recruit students in changing communications landscape resulting in community website recommendation, social media strategy, reimagined recruiting process
  • Design and develop online community website to enable students and parents to complete the application process online, with secure communications channels and public message boards to support potential students through the entire journey from high school to college.

Whiskey Ball

Whiskey Ball enlisted DIDO AGENCY to create a more consistent, frequent, and aligned communication strategy and expand their branding to their consumers’ inboxes.