By the time we had concluded the tests we had doubled our returns enabling the company to 10x in size in less than 2 years.


Chris W.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Patch is a UK-based ecommerce website that sells indoor and outdoor plants, plants pots and many plant care accessories.

When I started at Patch we had daily revenue in the low 4 digits and had very ambitious plans for future growth. One of the key channels that we had identified was Facebook Ads, but before I started the company didn't have the know-how to efficiently scale the social media channel to enable the growth that we were looking for.

The Process

I identified what had worked up to now using Facebook Ads. Past performance was a good indicator of how we could scale in future.

I set up a plan to expand the account and campaign structure as well as laying out the testing plan and schedule. Once we'd set everything up we could go embark on these tests and increase our spend.

We measured performance using in-platform metrics and site metrics to determine success.

The Solution

By the time we had concluded the tests we had doubled our returns enabling the company to 10x in size in less than 2 years.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Home & Garden

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