Over time YouTube drove a 25% blended cost per purchase decrease that helped us expand our reach and drive new customers that we couldn't reach via Google and Facebook ads.


The Challenge

Patch is a UK-based ecommerce website that sells indoor and outdoor plants, plants pots and many plant care accessories.

I set up Google Ads (inc Google Shopping) and Facebook Ads campaigns but we were quickly hitting the limit of who we could profitably reach. Therefore we explored running some brand campaigns to drive 'discoverability' and inspire awareness and consideration. Our aim was to continue growing by then converting these new audiences into customers.

The Process

We spent time investigating how we could shoot and create a video that would work well on YouTube by driving awareness and consideration. Although we were ultimately wanting to drive conversions (i.e. purchases), we knew that few people click on the ads in YouTube and that we could get this relevant traffic via search and social media ads.

We set up campaigns and ran audience and creative tests to see what drove the highest engagement. We also set up attribution measures on our website to be able to track some of the demand that we were driving with YouTube.

The Solution

Over time YouTube drove a 25% blended cost per purchase decrease that helped us expand our reach and drive new customers that we couldn't reach via Google and Facebook ads.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads


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