• Consistent 2-3x ROAS on Google shopping
  • 31% YOY Increase in sales
  • 1000% Increase in social traffic

Sergio G. F.

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The Challenge

When it comes to advertising on social, its very challenging, since products are cheap. This made it difficult to make it profitable with ads when targeting directly to individuals (B2C) instead of business owners (B2B). They are more profitable when they get bulk orders from businesses or organizations. Targeting a cold audience on Facebook/Instagram was challenging to stay profitable at scale.

The Process

I was in charge with the overall paid media strategy, set up, and execution

Digital Campaign Management 

Facebook & Instagram Ads

I leveraged the thousands of past customers list to create a lookalike audience on Facebook. Targeting their past customers and a lookalike audience is great since the majority of them were business owners or organizations. 

Google Shopping 

Fixed the account structure from showing all products to organizing the account to show their most profitable products in their own campaign.


Retargeted on Youtube people that have viewed specific products on the site and showing them a video of the product in use. 

The Solution

  • Consistent 2-3x ROAS on Google shopping
  • 31% YOY Increase in sales
  • 1000% Increase in social traffic
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads


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