Isabella W.

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The Challenge

Monday Journal came to me to manage the launch of their new knitting kits. This product was an all-in-one knitting kit, that contained everything thing you would need to knit a Monday Journal pullover or vest yourself, from home. The challenge we faced was pushing this product in a competitive market and convincing people why they should knit the product themselves rather than just buy the product outright elsewhere. We put the main bulk of our budget into our Pinterest strategy and had huge success targeting knitting enthusiasts. Using Pinterest supported by Facebook rather than just Facebook meant we were able to use our budget more effectively and leverage our point of difference more effectively.

The Process

I was employed as the Facebook Ads expert and Digital Ads Manager. I planned, executed and managed the entire Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Ads digital strategy.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Style & Fashion

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