V2 Hospitality, a Marketing Consultancy, sought Mayple's expertise to address time constraints and allocate efforts efficiently. As the founder overseeing marketing responsibilities, the challenge lay in optimizing strategies for maximum impact within the limited time available.

The Challenge

The Process

The Solution

V2 Hospitality, a Marketing Consultancy, sought Mayple's expertise to address time constraints and allocate efforts efficiently. As the founder overseeing marketing responsibilities, the challenge lay in optimizing strategies for maximum impact within the limited time available.

Elevating Hospitality Marketing: V2 Hospitality's Success with Mayple's Expert Guidance


The founder faced a crucial challenge of time allocation for optimizations. Seeking a connection with experts, the initial expert assignment presented some hiccups with cancellations. However, Mayple's commitment to excellence became evident upon reassignment.

How Partnering with Mayple Helped:

Mayple's collaboration with V2 Hospitality proved invaluable in helping the founder prioritize the right optimizations with the most substantial impact. Despite initial challenges with expert assignments, the reassignment delivered a top-notch experience. Mayple's suggestions, particularly testing increased frequency and targeting, showcased impressive results.

The founder expressed their satisfaction, stating, "Mayple helped prioritize the right optimizations with the largest impact. I had a few cancellations from my first expert, but once reassigned, it was top-notch. Testing the increased frequency + targeting suggested showed great results!"

Impact and Transformation:

While the full impact is still being measured, early results are promising. Open rates increased by 62%, and click-through rates skyrocketed by an impressive 1000%. This significant improvement underscores the effectiveness of the optimizations suggested by Mayple.

The founder emphasized the importance of optimizations in email marketing, noting that it is the most cost-effective channel. Mayple's expert guidance has proven instrumental in achieving tangible and immediate returns.


V2 Hospitality's partnership with Mayple has unlocked new dimensions of success in marketing. Mayple's commitment to excellence, despite initial challenges, resulted in a remarkable increase in open and click-through rates. The founder appreciates the immediate return on this free service, emphasizing the pivotal role of optimizations in email marketing.

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Email Marketing


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