Increased revenue from 20k to 40k per month with automated Facebook ads and re-targeting.


Cameron R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Increase Shopify store revenue for a fitness supplement brand.

The Process

We started by defining the target audience and outlining a clear campaign structure.

I conducted internal research and identified winning audience segments from Google analytics and Shopify analytics. We focused on increasing the volume of transactions in these markets.

We launched a Facebook ad re-targeting and implemented automated rules that monitored performance and increased the budget over time. We kept a profitable ROAS throughout this scaling process.

The Solution

Increased revenue from 20k to 40k per month with automated Facebook ads and re-targeting.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Health & Wellness

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Credit One Bank

Credit One Bank credit card is designed for people who are trying to rebuild their bad credit and people starting out and trying to build credit. Credit One was not a well-known consumer brand, the challenge was two-fold, One, to educate the consumer who Credit One was, and two, inform the consumer that while most credit card companies asked for too much information (TMI) when you apply for their card, Credit One only asked a few.



Sennheiser Asia

Sennheiser had a small marketing budget as their online store in Asia was just built with Singapore as their test market. The challenge ahead was to help scale their online revenue through growth marketing.




Launch a successful Kickstarter.


Funded startup (including Shark tank) in the health & wellness space. Negative sentiment content was surfacing in search results for their brand keywords which was ultimately causing a poor online reputation and lack of trust/credibility with target users. No strategic SEO roadmap in place for non-brand organic traffic growth.