Increased revenue from 20k to 40k per month with automated Facebook ads and re-targeting.


Cameron R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Increase Shopify store revenue for a fitness supplement brand.

The Process

We started by defining the target audience and outlining a clear campaign structure.

I conducted internal research and identified winning audience segments from Google analytics and Shopify analytics. We focused on increasing the volume of transactions in these markets.

We launched a Facebook ad re-targeting and implemented automated rules that monitored performance and increased the budget over time. We kept a profitable ROAS throughout this scaling process.

The Solution

Increased revenue from 20k to 40k per month with automated Facebook ads and re-targeting.

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Health & Wellness

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Altura Wellness

With the CBD market exploding in the last couple years, Altura needed to differentiate against the myriad of competitors jumping into the market.



Movo Photo

Movo Photo was using Kickstarter to launch a new product and needed to generate leads to join their email list. The challenge was being able to capture leads from Facebook at a profitable level and turn them into email subscribers so they would be able to capture momentum once the Kickstarter launched out of the gate.



Miami Beach Bum

Client was facing difficulties after the iOS 14.5 updates which impacted Facebook and Instagram ads.



Speciality Select

  • High competition in sports and fitness (resistance bands) in UK & USA
  • Low brand awareness
  • High cost per sale with very few purchases