Generated 50+ high quality leads per week.


Cameron R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Generate new user sign ups for a Cybersecurity service marketplace.

The Process

We started by defining the target audience and outlining clear market segments for the campaign.

It was important for us to find trending topics that this audience would be interested in engaging with.

After outlining a clear campaign structure, we launched the ads using a proven testing strategy.

Once we established winning ad groups, we shifted into a second phase of campaign optimization to increase the volume of leads and improve specific KPIs.

The Solution

Generated 50+ high quality leads per week.

Skills Used

Paid Ads



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Edie Productions

EDP needed a professional website built, designed, and optimized for their commercial cinematography business. The target audience was high-end local businesses seeking a top-notched marketing team that handled everything from casting to ad management.

National Cancer Insitute

NCI did not have an SEO strategy or staff, but it also had 150 subdomains run by different departments and on different CMS systems. Additionally, Google had recently rolled out its symptom panels. As a result, even its expert written content was not ranking for its ideal terms, and its cancer clinical trials section of its site was not ranking for the vast majority of cancer clinical trial keywords.

Dwell Studio

DwellStudio was a growing home lifestyle brand. However the team was stretched thin and focused on too many channels which was effecting both growth, inventory and resources.




Work with luxury real estate leasing teams in Chicago to drive leads and schedule tours online. Use any digital channel available to drive proven results and maintain strong KPIs.