Generated 50+ high quality leads per week.


Cameron R.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Generate new user sign ups for a Cybersecurity service marketplace.

The Process

We started by defining the target audience and outlining clear market segments for the campaign.

It was important for us to find trending topics that this audience would be interested in engaging with.

After outlining a clear campaign structure, we launched the ads using a proven testing strategy.

Once we established winning ad groups, we shifted into a second phase of campaign optimization to increase the volume of leads and improve specific KPIs.

The Solution

Generated 50+ high quality leads per week.

Skills Used

Paid Ads



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More Case Study




A very vague search behavior by the persona makes it harder to get super targeted with the keywords we use, so we had to get creative with how we qualified the lead on every step of the funnel. There are also tight margins with the trucks that we buy and sell.

Ludus Alliance

Growth in organic social media.



Bloc Shop

With the pandemic striking, Bloc Shop, one of Quebec's main climbing spots, had to diversify. Their in-person boutique had a lot of choices, as their climbing shoes offering is one of the best in Canada. However, their online store was not generating a lot of conversions.

They came to us for Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

TheSpot Barbershop

Spor Barbershop wanted to create a UGC video based on a barber's full services. We helped them with an organic TikTok video showing the full process and using the b-roll of their amazing store.