We generated 50% more leads with the new sign up flow. This was a game changer and massively improved the unit economics of the company.

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The Challenge

GetAgent is a UK-based real estate agent comparison website that uses data to showcase the best performing real estate agents in every local area. They generate revenue by charging for introduced home sellers to the estate agents.

We were driving a lot of traffic to our pages but only a low double digit percentage of traffic were converting into leads. Given our acquisition strategy of pursuing a target audience in high intent channels, we knew we could perform better.

The Process

We followed a four step process to drive better results:

1) We extensively interviewed our target audience to understand their needs and pain points.

2) We audited our existing sign up flow to determine where our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities lay to increase our conversion rates. We also used the learnings from our target audience interviews to identify areas of improvement.

3) We created a different version of the sign up flow incorporating our hypotheses into it and ran an A/B to measure the difference in uptake.

4) The test variant drove a 50% higher conversion rate than the control version that we had been running to date. We implemented the new version.

The Solution

We generated 50% more leads with the new sign up flow. This was a game changer and massively improved the unit economics of the company.

Skills Used

CRO,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy


Real Estate

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