We reduced customer acquisition costs (CAC) by 20% by implementing these changes and built a loyal customer bases that came to buy from us again and again.


The Challenge

Patch is a UK-based ecommerce website that sells indoor and outdoor plants, plants pots and many plant care accessories.

The online plant market was growing quickly and competitors were sprouting up everywhere. We were spending a tidy sum on marketing but our conversion rate could have been better. I spotted an opportunity to target a significant segment of our customers who were new to indoor plants. The challenge was that plant newbies were afraid of killing their plants because they didn't know how to look after them.

The Process

We set up an exit survey to understand how big a portion 'plant newbies' made up our existing customer base. We then interviewed a few of them to understand their fears and what had almost not made them buy from us. This helped us establish what we needed to achieve in order to grow this customer segment.

Amongst the new initiatives we did the following:

  • We created a 'plant parenting course' from scratch which acted as a low-barrier entry point for us to nurture these newbies into buying their very first plant(s).
  • We built landing pages that targeted their fears and anxieties and gave them confidence to start their plant parenting journey by buying their first plants.
  • We added filters on the category pages to help visitors easily identify easy-to-look-after plants.

The Solution

We reduced customer acquisition costs (CAC) by 20% by implementing these changes and built a loyal customer bases that came to buy from us again and again.

Skills Used

Email Marketing,CRO,Copywriting,Content Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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