Isabella W.

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The Challenge

Better Digital are a digital agency that offer Digital Ads Management and Digital Content Creation. Our main challenge here was building a lead magnet that was going to capture our audience and convert them. We worked in the campaigns daily, figuring out what their audience wanted and needed and then testing different lead magnets and lead content in order to best capture their attention and then convert them. Even though the process took alot longer what resulted was lead campaigns that worked and we ended up spending less money than we otherwise would have.

The Process

I was employed as the Facebook Ads expert and Digital Ads Manager. I planned, executed and managed the entire Facebook and Instagram Ads digital strategy.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Professional Services

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Launch a new Peek Kids, ecommerce web sites. Find and grow customers


This is a weight loss product that was entering a competitive market. Our unique challenge was being able to demonstrate that the product worked since the science behind it occurs on the inside of the stomach and we had no way of showing this in real-time.

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Periodic Audio

Our Facebook ads strategy was centred around standing out in the market. We created several UGC compilation videos that showcased the product and featured several testimonials from YouTube audio experts. 

The creative was fun, very quirky and showcased the brands unique personality.