Not able to provide screenshots or details as I am no longer working as a freelancer with the agency that was attached to the project.


Michael Lyjak

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

I was brought on to help grow the brand using digital advertising and was given a $5,000 media budget to work with. I was able to help scale them up to over $25,000 spend within the same year across a variety of media channels while meeting ROAS standards set by the owner.

The Process

My role with this project was to manage the advertising accounts and scale them up effectively for sales goals and targets set by the brand.

I used a variety of skills outlined below:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Discovery
  3. Research
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Development
  6. Launch
  7. Analyze
  8. Optimize
  9. Report
  10. Iterate (Repeating steps 3-9)

• Account Review: Performing an audit in order to assess the current state and needs of the


• System Integration: Uploading, syncing, and merging with platforms and tools

• Competitive Analysis: Auditing PPC activity (keywords & ad copy) of your competitors.

• Advanced Software: Utilizing $25K worth of digital marketing tools and software analysis

programs to provide 24/7 optimization and cutting-edge strategic initiatives.

• Keyword research: Identifying optimal keyword targeting.

• Additional Targeting: Identifying additional optimal targeting parameters e.g. geographic,

demographic, close-up cities, etc.

• Ad Extensions: Ensuring as much online real estate as possible by including site links, call

extensions, local maps, structured snippets, and call-outs.

• Ad Copy w/ Variants: Creating an environment for proper A/B testing to identify engaging and

effective copy for the business.

• Remarketing Campaign: As needed basis

• Conversion Tracking: Establishing a high level of visibility of lead attribution in order to

measure and increase ROI effectively.

• Negative Keywords: Mitigating low-quality searches to increase CTR (click-through rate) and

decrease average CPC (cost per click) along with identifying irrelevant keywords and blocking

them to ensure that your ads only show for relevant searches.

• Advanced Scripts: Implementing programmatic fail-safes against 404 issues and performance


• Custom Automation: Configuration of machine learning optimization parameters.

• Reporting: Creating and scheduling customized monthly conversion reports.

• Ad Split Testing: Creating/testing multiple ads against each other to ensure we’re always using

the best converting ad copy.

• Optimized Bid Strategy: Bidding adjustments to determine the best and most profitable

position for each keyword.

• New Keywords: Identifying new keyword opportunities based on historical performance

revealed in the search terms report.

• Campaign Structure Revisions: Refining account taxonomy to ensure the highest correlation

between keywords and ad copy.

• Segmentation: Leveraging data sets from device types, locations, days of the week, etc.

against bids to ensure optimal cost per lead.

• Performance Monitoring: Keeping a pulse on the performance of each campaign in order to

make intelligent adjustments.

• Error Monitoring: Proactively & regularly scanning every landing page to identify and neutralize

any 404 issues.

• Anomaly Detection: Identify and respond to key metrics deviations when more than expected

from normal levels.

• CRO (conversion rate optimization): Ensure optimal landing page performance.

• Technical Support: Responding to agency and or advertiser questions & requests.

• Reporting: Providing monthly reports with detailed charts for quick identifications of trends.

The Solution

Not able to provide screenshots or details as I am no longer working as a freelancer with the agency that was attached to the project.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development


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