Our first month we pulled in under $1K in revenue, and by month three we were over $100K/mo. The SEO landing pages would quickly add an additional 10% in total revenue alone.


Michael S.

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The Challenge

I was the head of marketing for Tailor Brands, and I joined the startup day 0. Tailor is an automated logo design tool - you come to Tailor, enter some information about your brand, and we would design a logo instantly. The market didn't exist, so I had to carve out our niche.

The Process

To start building out our niche, I had to leverage similar design services to start to carve out our own niche on paid, as well as taking category information from the logos we created to build out our SEO presence and start to drive organic traffic. Additionally, as our product was very linear, I came up with three distinct customer lifecycles - cold/mild/spicy. Cold was meant for customers that we had an email, but their product experience was limited - they would receive more informative emails and ads vs. salesy. With mild, they had designed a logo, so all of their communications going forward mentioned that design, and the communications were more frequent. With spicy - that's your traditional abandoned cart flow, but it only kicked off after they abandoned the checkout.

The Solution

Our first month we pulled in under $1K in revenue, and by month three we were over $100K/mo. The SEO landing pages would quickly add an additional 10% in total revenue alone.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Email Marketing,SEO


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Integrated Listening Systems

We started collaborating in 2017 when the client started looking for ways to engage and connect with a vast direct-to-consumer audience of individuals suffering from developmental and learning disorders or psychological traumas and their family members.

Because of the climate of the industry, many potential leads were wary of medical claims and were looking for evidence of efficacy.




In 2012 I founded the Inkkas company (www.inkkas.com) and successfully scaled the company from zero into a multi-million dollar brand and then sold the company in 2016 to celebrity investor Marcus Lemonis. The process of launching and scaling a new Ecommerce brand from scratch was riddled with many challenges along the way. Some of the major challenges included branding, go-to-market strategy, fulfillment, sourcing, web design & development, customer acquisition, paid advertising, conversion rate optimization and more. Along with my founding team, we were able to overcome every obstacle and devise a customer acquisition strategy the led to success.



Avoca Pools

Avoca pools were interested in filling their seasonal calendar with new pool installations early in the season. The goal set was to book 5 months of installations (10 to 15) of custom inground pools in a 60 day period.



Ignited Music

This company provides virtual music lessons and courses with vetted instructors. Our challenge was cutting through the noise and differentiating the brand in a market that got much more crowded due to Covid-19.