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The Challenge

In the midst of COVID the owner decided to pivot quickly from their original business model of hosted art workshops in European countries to an ecommerce gifting model that would cater to artists and art lovers.

They decided to launch ArtyGogo. We took them from pre-launch through a comprehensive strategic plan for advertising and customer acquisition and developed the advertising campaigns and support structure to help them go from 0 to steadily acquiring new customers.

The Process

After in-depth customer research we developed a creative testing approach to quickly sort out what would move the needle on customer acquisition.

We then developed the creative assets needed for testing and launched our first, second, third and subsequent round of tests. Iterating on ads, channels and formats that had traction to drive the most value from each creative asset.

We also tested heavily on the website, observing user behavior and making iterative adjustments to site copy, imagery, CTAs and email capture.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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