I have helped generate over 4,800 leads since 2018 and went from $0 in sales (new company) to revenues in 2021 estimated to be $800,000-1 Million dollars. We average between 5-10x return on ad spend monthly.


The Challenge

This was a brand new company created by a good friend. He went through his own struggles with Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis and then eventually went into remission and started healing himself naturally from his autoimmune disease. He started coaching and consulting others to help them do the same.

In the beginning we had no specific coaching plan put in place. I help him to put together the coaching program and put together a complete marketing plan to get the business off the ground. After laying the initial ground work, I started helping him running the paid media across FB/IG/YT to get his name out there and generate interest for his coaching program.

Fast forward to today and he will be between 800,000 and 1-million revenue for the year. I have helped him grow the brand to 8 employees and we are scaling ad spend every month and breaking revenue numbers for the company. We have started to sell supplements and courses through the brand as well and the next milestone is hitting $250,000+/month in revenue.

The Process

In the beginning I was a jack of all trades. I helped set-up email marketing, paid media on different channels, set-up his tech stack and consulted with him on how to set-up the overall marketing.

These days, I only focus on the paid media across FB/IG/YT and other channels that we want to try.

The Solution

I have helped generate over 4,800 leads since 2018 and went from $0 in sales (new company) to revenues in 2021 estimated to be $800,000-1 Million dollars. We average between 5-10x return on ad spend monthly.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Health & Wellness

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