300% increase in organic search growth

200% increase in organic search leads

45% increase in Google Ads leads

35% decrease in CPL


Mitchell Kelly

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Heritage has grown from a minor player online to a dominant one, in only 8 months.

The Process


SEO was a big focus for Heritage, and there was plenty of room for improvement. Work began with a technical site audit which led to the diagnosis of a number of technical issues preventing the site ranking higher for key terms. With this resolved, a content plan was developed to capture more relevant traffic, particularly informational searches and longer tail queries, and a white hat link building strategy to help build the site authority. The growth was steady but dramatic and the impact has been felt on Heritage’s bottom line.


Google Ads had been a major lead generation source for Heritage for around 5 years, and they’d seen solid success. From reviewing the account, however, Pathfinder identified a number of issues which were causing significant waste in ad spend. By rolling out a new campaign structure plus a few advanced segmentation strategies, efficiency across the entire account was improved dramatically


Finally, in order to reduce the reliance of lead generation on Google, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads were added to the marketing mix in order to complement their overall lead generation efforts. These platforms have provided additional lead channels at a cost per lead of as little as half that of their other channels

The Solution

300% increase in organic search growth

200% increase in organic search leads

45% increase in Google Ads leads

35% decrease in CPL

Skills Used

SEO,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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