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The Challenge

Magnilife was a legacy brand with a strong offline brand. They wanted to build their Direct to Consumer business and tap into the data and insights available from owning their own distribution.

But in the crowded marketplace of alternative healthcare and nutrition we had to carve out a unique position among competitors.

The Process

First we carefully studied their offline strategy and assets. We built a marketing calendar that coincided with their offline peaks and ares of top interest. For example, when a media buy in a regional magazine went live we'd saturate the same audience with display and search ads to capitalize on those who'd first been contacted through the magazine.

This gave us initial online traction and helped us gather audiences of similar buyers to target for completely cold-traffic campaigns.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping


Health & Wellness

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More Case Study


  • CPO (Cost per order) was drastically increasing
  • Competition like Zomato had an upper hand
  • Hyperlocal targeting had very high CPA



Nectar USA

Nectar USA is a brand that is primarily retail in Las Vegas. Items are priced at the gift-shoppy price, and hence is challenging to acquire customers




As head of PPC my goal was to bring qualified buyers to the company. Powtoon offers a Saas that allows people to create videos. It's a freemium model, where people can sign up for a free trial, so they can test the platform and after 3 days trial decide if they want to purchase one of the available plans.

My goal was to bring people that will purchase the yearly pro plus plan, as this is the most profitable for the company in the long run.

The challenges were to target people who actually need the product and not people who occasionally use it.

The best users are Freelancers, graphic designers who want to add video to their arsenal and don't want to learn complex software like Adobe Premiere, etc.

Good target market is also companies that want to use video to simplify their messaging.

Beeline Wellness

Prior to working with DIDO AGENCY, their profit margins were typically strong, but they weren't fully utilizing their network of previous buyers. Beeline Wellness discovered that in order to stay in touch with customers between transactions, it needed to improve its marketing efforts.