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The Challenge

I've created long form content for the client - 2 white papers/"how to guides," 2 blog posts and 2 marketing case studies demonstrating the company's ability to apply their solution to courts and other similar groups who need to address payment issues they've dealt with for decades.

Each asset I created required a deep dive into the inner workings of the Court of Clerk and other local government offices that needed to change they way they had long handled legal disbursements. - everything from juror payments, restitution payments, child support payments, poll worker renumeration, and more.

In each case the courts or other gov't entities involved were transitioning from workflow systems utilizing cash and check disbursements and manual systems supporting those payments, to digital disbursements utilizing an automated system that reduced most of the work. This transition was important because ultimately it helped the courts/entities reduce their costs and manpower needs significantly, which was funded by taxpayers funds.

The assets I created were designed to demonstrate the technology and service solutions that my company offered. They are being used to help the sales and marketing departments attract new customers.

I relied heavily on my past work with payment processing clients. Particularly past work with a number of banking and Fintech clients who are involved in all forms of payment and exchange processing, including complex international and currency conversion issues and scenarios.

The Process

I do a review of the brief provided by the company’s marketing director. Thereafter I create a detailed outline and timeline for draft completion and submittal. This is then submitted for approval with the marketing director. 

Once I begin the project, I do an exhaustive research dive to familiarize myself with all relevant aspects and issues faced by the targeted audience. 

With case studies, I focus on learning about their past workflow processes, issues, needs, constituents served, desired outcome, actual outcome, tangible results, etc. 


I then create a draft of the asset (case study, white paper or blog article) within the specified period and submit. Edit rounds follow and then stakeholders signoff before final publication. 

The Solution

Skills Used

Branding,Content Marketing,Copywriting



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More Case Study


RapNet is an online platform for diamond dealers and jewelers to trade with each other around the world. The biggest challenge we faced was not getting people signed up was getting people to use the platform to the fullest capabilities.

Supplement Review Digest

Worked with the client as a contributing writer to produce articles and blog content.

Here is one example of work that we completed for the client - https://supplementreviewdigest.com/2020/06/16/supplements-that-improve-mental-health/

This client had an in-house SEO and design team, so we integrated with them to produce content that fit their needs.

Rue La La

One challenging project was working on Rue La La’s exclusive “Madison Avenue” boutiques where vintage Chanel and other very high-end clothing and accessories were sold on our website. Some items were sold for upwards of $10K and they were final sale, unable to be returned. So, writing product descriptions that were accurate and extremely descriptive was imperative. I strengthened my attention-to-detail skill set in this role.

ZF Friedrichshafen

ZF Friedrichshafen is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of components to the automotive industry. The company employs 147,000+ people and has an annual turnover of 36.52 billion Euro's.

As an agency our role was to target the aftermarket (mechanics, installers and distributors) through multiple B2B campaigns across YouTube and Google Ads, as well as SEO over a period of at least five years.