100% YoY organic search growth

Millions in sales during the pandemic

Arash G.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Starbucks Coffee at home is the online direct-to-consumer website under the Starbucks umbrella. They handled the e-commerce side of Starbucks for Google, Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

As the lead SEO on the job I was tasked with improving their organic search presence, increasing traffic, and improving sales.

While working on the Starbucks account I was able to improve organic search traffic 100% YoY and help them rank for 30,000 different keywords and phrases.

The Process

Most people think SEO is just a bunch of keywords but it's more than that. Keywords get you to the site while great UX keeps you there. Google is constantly measuring user behavior and assigning your website a grade according to that. I was able to work with the UX team to ensure content was presented in a way that kept people on the site and interacting with content which ultimately improved rankings.

Google also prefers that you are constantly updating your website with new content which is what we did on a quarterly basis. Of course, the small details like title tags and meta descriptions also matter.

The Solution

100% YoY organic search growth

Millions in sales during the pandemic

Skills Used



Food & Drink

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