$1.20 per download

125 consistent downloads every day

150+ post engagement per day


Dorian Reeves

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

As a new app that hadn't done any advertising, Taste wanted to start generating downloads.

The Process

We created high-converting ads using simple branding, graphic design, and current trends. They had a "find black-owned restaurants near me" function on the app, so we used that angle for ads, which generated extremely good cost-per download results during the peak of the BLM movement.

The Solution

$1.20 per download

125 consistent downloads every day

150+ post engagement per day

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


Food & Drink

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German Shepherd Shop

Although this brand is dedicated to German Shepherds, they had other items that dog owners could use for other breeds as well. We helped them bridge that gap.

They didn't have the best practices set in place in their Klaviyo account and we ensured the account was set up for optimal revenue, compliance, and deliverability.


The major issue this client had was finding someone reliable to strategize and implement email marketing campaigns to their existing list. They have tried several agencies and freelancers, but the quality of work and results were not there.

  • No Campaign Strategy: There was no developed campaign strategy.
  • Poorly Designed Emails: Previous campaigns were poorly designed.
  • Excluding Certain Products: Certain products had to be excluded from all promotions.


RapNet is an online platform for diamond dealers and jewelers to trade with each other around the world. The biggest challenge we faced was not getting people signed up was getting people to use the platform to the fullest capabilities.



UTV Source

Increase e-commerce sales via Google/Bing Ads profitability at higher spend levels ($150-$200k/mo starting spend).