Thread The Word has increased their month on month revenue by 20% in line with the revenue projects set out at the beginning of the project. The month on month revenue continues to grow as they take more market share in Australia.


The Challenge

Thread The Word is a relatively new brand having launched in 2021. The company tested the market through 2021 and were happy there was a viable market for the product and commenced a larger marketing effort at the start of 2022

The brand was in a position to scale and wanted to ensure they were the first choice brand for personalised baby blankets. The launch plan concentrated efforts on Australia for the first 2 month, followed by expansion plans to the USA.

The initial challenge was to ensure we knew who exactly was buying the product and what ads creative would resonate. The initial impression was the this product would be bought as a gift for new mums and babies. However, it turned out the over 75% of customers were mums buying the product for their own baby.

The Process

As the PPC expert, I developed a digital strategy to increase revenue through the use of paid ads. Facebook Ads and Google Ads were the first choice platforms based on the desired audience and the reach we could achieve.

I created a logical creative testing framework that would ensure I could scale the ads after establishing which was the best combination of visual creative and copywriting.

Based on the current best practice guidelines, Facebook audiences were kept quite broad to allow the algorithm to determine the best approach for the ads.

Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns were created and have been operating consistently, proving to be the most effective channel due to customer's search intent.

The Solution

Thread The Word has increased their month on month revenue by 20% in line with the revenue projects set out at the beginning of the project. The month on month revenue continues to grow as they take more market share in Australia.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads



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