Limor G.

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The Challenge

People buy the ice-cream they like and usually on summer time. How do we brand ice-cream for winter?

The Process

Who's afraid of ice-creams on winter time? We have a whole cute video campaign laughing about the "fears" in people's mind. It wasn't an e-com campaign because the customer buy this at a physical store but we matched the ice-cream freezers to the branding to attracted more customer during winter time. I targeted the campaign for parents who are the one's buying the products (on YouTube and skippable instream ads)

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Branding


Food & Drink

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More Case Study


I helped this brand launch their eCommerce store and set up Klaviyo for them. They are a natural supplement brand and have preworkout and protein power with the right amount of stimulants. The customer profile is someone who is health-conscious and doesn't want anything extra in their body. The biggest challenge we faced was that this was a new brand. Our goal is to get people use to Klaviyo emails and be open to them as this is a consumable product.


It's a newly launched service for a very small niche, ran entirely solo. The biggest difficulty is how to maintain the service relevant, so that it will gather a big enough volume of customers, while also staying true to the purpose of the product.



Pagani Beverly Hills

As an exotic car brand from Italy that wasn't Ferrari or Lamborghini, there wasn't too much brand recognition here in the US for Pagani. Additionally, there wasn't any awareness for the new dealership that had only recently opened its doors. As such, the website wasn't gaining any traction before we took on the challenge.




They wanted to generate more sales with their new website