Higher rankings over time.

Increased organic trafic.

We started to see organic trafic coming through brand searches

Guy C.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

we started with no brand and no products.

The FR industry is highly competative and regulated so getting traction required

creating new products.

Gaining brand recognition was challanging using just organic trafic.

The brand was recently sold for 1.5 million

The Process

Constant research of new trend and products in the industry.

Adding internal and extenal content to build authority.

Building a mailing list to generate more sales.

Over the years we saw a growth across all channels and gaining organic trafic month to month.

The Solution

Higher rankings over time.

Increased organic trafic.

We started to see organic trafic coming through brand searches

Skills Used

SEO,Content Marketing,CRO,Copywriting,Marketing Strategy,Web Development


Style & Fashion

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More Case Study



Damore Law

This account was new to google adwords. They wanted to maintain a CPL of $70.




The client wanted to work with top portrait photographers for their new phone campaign. This was to position themselves as the top camera phone in the industry. They had very particular requirements on the chosen photographer so finding the right person was the first challenge. The second was managing the high profile talent and the client to achieve an outcome with the content that both parties were happy with. The timeline was extremely tight, particularly for such a high profile photographer with a busy schedule. Their target was to get high PR attention.

The budget included 3 other smaller but well known photographers who also created content around the same theme. We also had a gifting portion of the campaign where I sent the phones to small semi-professional photographers to create their own portraits. This was all to create buzz in the photography industry. This all had to be done beginning to end in about a month which is very tight.



Bloc Shop

With the pandemic striking, Bloc Shop, one of Quebec's main climbing spots, had to diversify. Their in-person boutique had a lot of choices, as their climbing shoes offering is one of the best in Canada. However, their online store was not generating a lot of conversions.

They came to us for Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.



Pure Greens

For this project I had to help to work with the content marketing team to come up with an offer to advertise on social and acquire an email list.

They created a free guide related to the product we were selling and I helped with creating a advertising strategy, creating the landing page, and integrating it with our email marketing software.

The challenge was that we never promoted an offer and we had zero data or emails to leverage.