We still developing the pages for the website. However, some of the pages are live for AfiCloud and the campaign is still running.

Josh M.

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The Challenge

Afimilk was about to launch a set of new apps for their automation platform, and I wrote the entire product line text by creating taglines, landing pages, PPC campaigns, website, and social media content. I worked closely with the Director of Marketing, Director of Products, and The Product Marketing Manager to develop the right tone of voice.

The Process

We first worked to confirm the key element of each app and the benefits dairy farmers would get from using these new apps. Then we created a campaign that included a details landing page and campaign text, which was promoted to current clients and users of their products. Then for the open launch, we created detailed pages about each app and how it works with videos.

The Solution

We still developing the pages for the website. However, some of the pages are live for AfiCloud and the campaign is still running.

Skills Used

Content Marketing,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding,Branding,Marketing Strategy,SEO,Branding,Web Development,Copywriting



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Aplos World

The new startup was trying to sell a hemp drink and wanted to use Facebook and Instagram Ads without getting their account shut down. I worked with Aplos and Facebook to get their account white listed so we could launch Facebook ads to direct people to their Shopify website to purcahse.


The challenges with Bounkit were to bring a much more cohesive feel to their social media approach and provide content unity and consistency. Not being on location, we had to work hand in hand with the owners to ensure proper creative execution and representation of their physical location. Working with a luxury jewelry company, it was important to get traffic to their pages, and from there to their website where they could expand on their story and offering.




Loop wanted to launch a pre-summer campaign to gain traction for the season.

Credit One Bank

Credit One Bank credit card is designed for people who are trying to rebuild their bad credit and people starting out and trying to build credit. Credit One was not a well-known consumer brand, the challenge was two-fold, One, to educate the consumer who Credit One was, and two, inform the consumer that while most credit card companies asked for too much information (TMI) when you apply for their card, Credit One only asked a few.