Ad spent monthly $146 Reach Monthly 67.465


Josefina D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Social media engagement : paid and organic campaigns.

Web Design, Lead Gen, SEO, SEM, and Software Development.

Social content strategy development. 

Lead generation & marketing automation.

The Process

Social media – Keep existing customers and increase engagement. Acquire new customers via social media posts, stories, and followings. Target automotive enthusiasts who like similar pages.

SEO - Improve on page SEO, image Alt tags and meta tags. Acquire backlinks and manage blog using keywords. Remove duplicated content if there is any

Influencer reach out.

The Solution

Ad spent monthly $146 Reach Monthly 67.465

Skills Used

Social Media Management,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Web Development,Web Development


Health & Wellness

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The client couldn't get sales online at a decent ROAS



Living Tea

- Increase the website's low conversion rate

- Increase revenue from < $1000 a day to > $1000 a day

- Run lower frequency campaigns because customers were complaining about seeing too many ads



Specialist ID

When it comes to advertising on social, its very challenging, since products are cheap. This made it difficult to make it profitable with ads when targeting directly to individuals (B2C) instead of business owners (B2B). They are more profitable when they get bulk orders from businesses or organizations. Targeting a cold audience on Facebook/Instagram was challenging to stay profitable at scale.


In a often mis-understood market and a subject that is regarded as taboo. My role was to challenge and inspire more creative and innovative thinking, leading to better results from paid-for media channels.