• From $0 to $1,034,449.77 in total sales in 4 months.
  • From $0/mo to $500,000+/mo in 4 months.
  • From $0/mo to $600,000+/mo in 6 months.

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The Challenge

The client created a comfy face mask and wanted to quickly bring it to the mass market via Amazon. Even though they were quite familiar with how Amazon works, they wanted to be sure to give their product the BEST possible chance at success – especially in such high competition and a high volume market! So they decided that investing in a team of Amazon marketing Pro’s was the way to go. (great choice;)

The Process

We took over PPC campaigns at the beginning of September shortly after going live on Amazon in August. After a month of testing, sales began to climb, with ACoS under control. Then, strong page rankings began to take hold… and, boom! We told the client that we have an opportunity to scale a Sponsored Placement that was converting well. After confirming with the client that we can scale the ad budget, we doubled down.

With a great product (getting good reviews) and a good conversion rate, page 1 positions held steady and catapulted sales to the next level. From there, it was a snowball effect! By the end of year, we hit the HUGE milestone of $1M in sales!

The Solution

  • From $0 to $1,034,449.77 in total sales in 4 months.
  • From $0/mo to $500,000+/mo in 4 months.
  • From $0/mo to $600,000+/mo in 6 months.
Skills Used

Paid Ads


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As the marketing manager supporting the work of the main account manager, I was tasked with improving their website UX/UI, and content, I was in charge of their social media and helped create more content for their blog. The main challenge was to increase social media engagement and create a better understanding what Gaviti has to offer.




The main challenges with working on this account were doing a complete overhaul of their creative direction and building a content structure that would help promote their application accurately. Understanding the product in-depth, and the best way that we could bring it to the eyes of their customer base and relevant users was also tricky. Finding original topics to help us build their social media and promoted content is something we have to deal with on a monthly basis as well. To keep things interesting for the users and for their unique community, we ensure a healthy content rotation and hyper relevant ideas.



Plum Guide

Want to scale but have a hard time understanding Facebook attribution and how it bring incremental sale to the business.



Summergrove Halls

Summergrove Halls are a hotel and restaurant based in Cumbria. They had used various other channels in the past to try and drive growth of both room and restaurant bookings but found all were unsuccessful. Summergrove Halls' challenge was their location, whilst adjacent to the Lake District was too far to be a viable selling point and the hotel was functional rather than boutique or luxury. They had a niche audience of walkers, people working on nearby projects and people visiting the nearby hospital.