I maintain a CPL of $40


Matthew Y.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

This account was new to google adwords. They wanted to maintain a CPL of $70.

The Process

Through google my business and general search campaigns I built a strategy to introduce them to the market.

The Solution

I maintain a CPL of $40

Skills Used

Paid Ads


Professional Services

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Clay By Steph

Helping them scale from spending $2k per month to over $9k while keeping between a 2-3x return when I was done. I also introduced Google Shopping and search which was brand new to the brand.

Rue La La

One challenging project was working on Rue La La’s exclusive “Madison Avenue” boutiques where vintage Chanel and other very high-end clothing and accessories were sold on our website. Some items were sold for upwards of $10K and they were final sale, unable to be returned. So, writing product descriptions that were accurate and extremely descriptive was imperative. I strengthened my attention-to-detail skill set in this role.


Develop a new loyalty program to increase customers moving from first to second purchase as well long-term retention.




The goal of this project was to generate as many new Telco customers across several lines of business.