46% Increase in sales in the first month working together

An additional 54% Increase in sales on top of the first month in the second month working together

6.46 ROAS on Facebook


The Challenge

Duvet Hog are an Earth friendly brand saving the world, one plastic bottle at a time. Their duvets and pillows are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles which are spun like candyfloss and keep folding until each duvet is soft, light and fluffy.

Duvet Hog Founder, Phillipa reached out to us after a recommendation from one of our other clients. Phillipa was looking to grow her online sales through her Shopify store. She was already running some Google Ads via the shopping feed but was seeing mixed results.

The Process

This is a fantastic product and we knew with the right sales funnel in place, we could substantially increase sales.

First step was to set-up some remarketing via Facebook and Instagram. There was an immediate missed opportunity to follow up with customers who dropped off without converting and we quickly set up some retargeting campaigns.

The next step was to do a complete review of the Google Ads account and begin testing. While the Google shopping feed is often suggested as the most important aspect of search marketing in e-commerce, with products that skew into the higher involvement consideration set i.e. the set of choices left after filtering on decisions that are important to the buyer, Google search ads can have significant impact. By being able to outline more of the products USPs through the search ads, we’ve seen a fantastic ROAS and great conversation rate.

The final step was to create a robust top-of-funnel strategy for Facebook and Instagram, to generate valuable traffic to the website and raise awareness of the brand and products. We achieved this through a mix of video ads and image ads which are visually appealing, while educating potential customers on the benefits of a more sustainable duvet and pillow choice.

The Solution

46% Increase in sales in the first month working together

An additional 54% Increase in sales on top of the first month in the second month working together

6.46 ROAS on Facebook

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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