We were able to increase both organic traffic and organic conversions to their site while working together.

Trent H.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

eos needed help driving organic traffic to their products in order to increase sales from that channel. The cosmetic/beauty industry is a highly competitive space and they also sold their product on partner sites so we needed to compete without cannibalizing their partners listings.

The Process

We started with running a technical site audit. This allowed for us to make fixes to the site and lay a strong foundation for the site to be easy crawled and indexed by search engine crawlers. Through auditing their site and running keyword research we were able to line up quality keywords to their product pages. We then optimized the pages based on our research for each keyword in order to make them competitive and rank higher for the target keyword. We also acquired backlinks to the target pages as on off-page SEO strategy in order to help push the pages even higher.

The Solution

We were able to increase both organic traffic and organic conversions to their site while working together.

Skills Used

SEO,Content Marketing,Other



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Corvex came to us with a goal of launching a new mobile product in their mobile application. Corvex sells a software application that frontline workers can use on their iPads or Android/Mobile devices when at the workplace, in either a food processing plant or assembly line type factory. The goal of the application is to safely track frontline workers at the workplace and give them the Corvex Connected solution that helps each employee and their teams stay safe, agile and flexible with real-time data and checklists. This was launching right at the height of COVID-19 and became very intriguing to many businesses looking for quick solutions to keep their workers employed, but at a safe "6-feet apart" distance.


Funded startup (including Shark tank) in the health & wellness space. Negative sentiment content was surfacing in search results for their brand keywords which was ultimately causing a poor online reputation and lack of trust/credibility with target users. No strategic SEO roadmap in place for non-brand organic traffic growth.


Rolling out a new Sales Narrative to our field and to our clients. The challenge I faced was creating a training that allowed our sales reps to fully understand the new narrative we are rolling out and understand how that narrative applies to their B2B Marketing clients.



Lost Bros Trading

This brand struggled to scale their revenue and advertising and didn’t have a framework for scalable growth.