Overall helped to increase sales 41% since March and increase the conversion rate by over 10%.


Drew Blumenthal

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Beauty brand looking to get into Google Ads and have never run digital ads before. I set up both search and shopping from scratch and launched both campaigns.

The Process

Set up Google Merchant Center and get the product feed approved. Get conversion tracking set up. Create both the smart shopping and search campaigns from scratch and launch on manual bidding before switching to automated bidding and then focusing on target ROAS. Now we have switched over to performance max from smart shopping and have been able to scale the budget with an excellent ad strength score performance max ad.

The Solution

Overall helped to increase sales 41% since March and increase the conversion rate by over 10%.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping



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Warp Academy

Warp Academy was relaunching a paid course subscription model for their premium courses and needed to break through the ultra competitive world of online music education.


Haiti Now is a non-profit organization that seeks to give economic empowerment to girls in Haiti’s Restavek system through education and a safe environment. The organization, however, was not receiving enough money in donations to support their mission, thus leading the CEO to come to the conclusion that the issue might have to do with the website's User Experience.

My role as a UX Researcher and Designer was to optimize the website for growth so that Haiti Now could have the impact that it seeks. The website was busy, had outdated copy, and had a lot of information that had to be re-arranged in a more user-friendly manner.



Brundo Spice Company

Brundo was in need of SEO and Amazon advertising optimization. Before seeking my services, they had an ACOS well over 300% and ROAS of about 0.4

There were many competitors in the market and I was hired to perform a complete Amazon overhaul. 



Home of the Clean

Client's website was not tracking any leads, and did not rank for any keywords locally.