We were able to get traffic at about $.75 which is 90% lower than Google. We tracked 10 conversions in the first month.

The Challenge

B2B-Education classes. This industry is very niche and the keywords are expensive. There isnt much Bottom of Funnel traffic.

The Process

We worked on several campaigns to get highly targeted traffic. We also utilized Microsoft as an engine due to lower cost per clicks. We created Brand, Competitor and Non Branded campaigns.

The Solution

We were able to get traffic at about $.75 which is 90% lower than Google. We tracked 10 conversions in the first month.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



Results by the numbers

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Develop a social media strategy and content to be taken forward.

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Swiss Chalet was regularly sending emails to their audience but wanted to customize their customers’ experiences by creating unique messaging throughout the customer journey.



Living Tea

- Increase the website's low conversion rate

- Increase revenue from < $1000 a day to > $1000 a day

- Run lower frequency campaigns because customers were complaining about seeing too many ads


V2 Hospitality, a Marketing Consultancy, sought Mayple's expertise to address time constraints and allocate efforts efficiently. As the founder overseeing marketing responsibilities, the challenge lay in optimizing strategies for maximum impact within the limited time available.

Omnium Circus

Omnium Circus, a nonprofit circus celebrating inclusivity and diversity, faced a rapid decline in open rates. The Founder/Executive Director sought responsiveness and platform knowledge.

American Printing House for the Blind

The American Printing House for the Blind faced challenges with Mailchimp set up using audiences instead of groups. The Marketing/Communications department sought Mayple's expertise.

Blue Coffee Box

Blue Coffee Box, a subscription box coffee service, faced challenges in cleaning up dead emails, setting up journeys, and selecting relevant customers. The full admin behind the scenes sought Mayple's assistance.