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The Challenge

FashionNova is a leading clothing company in the fashion space. They use influencers to convert direct sales and expand their brand presence.

The Process

FashionNova does a lot of Influencer marketing. A-List Me has completed multiple campaigns for their clothing line and their exclusive makeup collection, Maven Beauty.

The Solution

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy


Style & Fashion

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The client wanted to work with top portrait photographers for their new phone campaign. This was to position themselves as the top camera phone in the industry. They had very particular requirements on the chosen photographer so finding the right person was the first challenge. The second was managing the high profile talent and the client to achieve an outcome with the content that both parties were happy with. The timeline was extremely tight, particularly for such a high profile photographer with a busy schedule. Their target was to get high PR attention.

The budget included 3 other smaller but well known photographers who also created content around the same theme. We also had a gifting portion of the campaign where I sent the phones to small semi-professional photographers to create their own portraits. This was all to create buzz in the photography industry. This all had to be done beginning to end in about a month which is very tight.



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They were working with another agency for Google ads but the results were bad

Interstate Recovery & Towing

Rank website on page 1 for regional keywords



MYEL Design

They had someone in house but the results were poor