Successfully launched Iterable to deploy email, SMS, push and direct mail in 60 days.

Allie D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Implement a new CRM system to create an omni-channel platform to talk to prospects and customers with a single voice.

The Process

  • Select the right platform by gathering requirements from all stakeholders and understanding underlying data structures as well as plans for future growth.
  • Document all requirements to be in the platform including data, channels, profile attributes, events etc.
  • Send RFP to major ESPs and evaluate all for suitability.
  • Work with engineering to set up the platform and ensure all data is correct.
  • Create templates and build 100+ automations in the platform.
  • Training for the team to be confident in the platform and versioning language that is used.

The Solution

Successfully launched Iterable to deploy email, SMS, push and direct mail in 60 days.

Skills Used

Email Marketing,SMS Marketing,Marketing Strategy,CRO,Web Development,Other


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Patterson Legal Group

Improve IRO and organic presence. Customer had worked with a previous agency with no improvements in the last 3 years


The tax industry is extremely seasonal between January and April. You are selling a service people generally don't like doing, taxes, that they only want to think about once a year. TaxAct was a top 3 player in the space for online tax filers and I was tasked with optimizing Paid Search and eventually managing all other digital channels to optimize spend. Helping craft budgets, marketing plans, and execution was my duties while employed there.




Gruvtowl (Groove-Towel)  was a new product entering a golfing market full of big, established brands. The product (a golf towel with integrated brush) was innovative and well designed, but entering a category with no direct competitor meant there was no established product to pitch against.

The marketing budget was modest and the stakes were high – the client had to prove the product worked and deliver fast sales to fund future investment.





Belfius is one of the top 4 banks in Belgium.

They wanted to promote one of their latest product for B2C

As all Branding campaign, the challenge was to get as much Reach as possible with a limited frequency (4-5), a low CPM and a good engagement.

Another challenge is to make all Ads accepted by Facebook...which is not always easy when it comes to social issues. Product was new and wanted to challenge the former bank system... Facebook usually prevents ad content that put forward comparison between 2 products and saying one is "the best one" the former one is not "good" anymore and so....