25% program growth in Q1

Activated 4 new markets

Julia S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Implement internally the influencer channel

The Process

- Leading the delivery of the influence strategy and playbook, acting as the central influence expert across the globe

- Collaborating with local markets and acting as champions lead to support, enabling and growing influences

- Develop and evolve strategies, identify opportunities to maximize this new channel within the wider marketing mix

- Providing detailed training, guidance, and support to our global teams and central partnerships team

- Working closely with legal and compliance teams to ensure all content meets regulation requirements

- Aligning with data science and insights teams to build effective measurement frameworks and campaign analysis

- Driving continual improvements in performance, efficiency, and workflows, supported by operational analytics

The Solution

25% program growth in Q1

Activated 4 new markets

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Content Marketing,Marketing Strategy



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More Case Study




Client has a long sales cycle on their products, as they are promotional product brands. This makes it challenging to measure the true ROI. A lead that does a quick chat could be worth thousands of dollars more than a $100 ecommerce sale. While ePromos had some rudimentary tracking in place to see the value per lead; they still didn't have true visibility or integration into their ad accounts to optimize towards process.



Clear Health

Michael was unsure if there was a viable market opportunity to provide virtual dermatology to Americans. He needed a viable way to test his business idea quickly. He turned to me to build out a paid ad program to gather leads for Clear Health.

The two of us needed to determine viable benchmarks of the cost per lead to determine whether or not this was a profitable business venture to supplement Nefaire. Additionally, we needed to determine the best ad platform to reach people interested in online dermatology.




Corvex came to us with a goal of launching a new mobile product in their mobile application. Corvex sells a software application that frontline workers can use on their iPads or Android/Mobile devices when at the workplace, in either a food processing plant or assembly line type factory. The goal of the application is to safely track frontline workers at the workplace and give them the Corvex Connected solution that helps each employee and their teams stay safe, agile and flexible with real-time data and checklists. This was launching right at the height of COVID-19 and became very intriguing to many businesses looking for quick solutions to keep their workers employed, but at a safe "6-feet apart" distance.



The Hundreds

Their challenge was that they are unable to scale new users acquisitions.