25% program growth in Q1

Activated 4 new markets

Julia S.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Implement internally the influencer channel

The Process

- Leading the delivery of the influence strategy and playbook, acting as the central influence expert across the globe

- Collaborating with local markets and acting as champions lead to support, enabling and growing influences

- Develop and evolve strategies, identify opportunities to maximize this new channel within the wider marketing mix

- Providing detailed training, guidance, and support to our global teams and central partnerships team

- Working closely with legal and compliance teams to ensure all content meets regulation requirements

- Aligning with data science and insights teams to build effective measurement frameworks and campaign analysis

- Driving continual improvements in performance, efficiency, and workflows, supported by operational analytics

The Solution

25% program growth in Q1

Activated 4 new markets

Skills Used

Marketing Strategy,Content Marketing,Marketing Strategy



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Client lost rankings to WebMD and other competitor pest control companies. Much of this was due to the website being slow, content which is not updated, and other issues.



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