The overall ROAS since launch for the campaigns combined is 7.66 and an ACOS of 13%

The Amazon Blueprint

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The Challenge

Before selling on Amazon, Kappa was mainly focused on D2C via Shopify and brick & mortar retail locations. The pandemic changed everything and they needed to adjust their business and focus more on online sales.

I was tasked with the challenge of launching Kappa products on Amazon. This required me to develop a strategic plan to launch a brand on Amazon at the height of a pandemic. One of the main challenges that I faced was that Kappa products have a high price point and that doesn't always perform well on Amazon, especially in the clothing category.

The Process

Here are the steps I took to ensure a successful Amazon launch:

  1. Completed a competitive analysis of higher-priced apparel brands on Amazon
  2. Gathered the top-performing organic keywords that translated to sales for each competitor
  3. Ensured that each listing I created included these top-performing keywords
  4. Researched the keywords each competitor was bidding on successfully
  5. Created two individual campaigns (Broad & Phrase) for each product
  6. Continued to optimize the campaigns over the next few months (bid adjustments, Add negative keywords)
  7. I then created exact campaigns using the top-performing keywords from the broad & phrase campaigns
  8. Created ads to promote the Amazon Store

The Solution

The overall ROAS since launch for the campaigns combined is 7.66 and an ACOS of 13%

Skills Used

Paid Ads,SEO


Style & Fashion

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