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The Challenge

Livescore is an exiting live-score app.

In short, they provide real-time scored for all big sports and competitions in the world.

Their key goal was to drive installs to their app as effectively as possible.

The main challenge was to ensure that we optimized towards retention (i.e. the amount of people who stayed on the app after downloading it) after 4-weeks. The tracking we had did not allow us to optimize towards this, brining direct challenges to our approach.

The Process

My responsibility was to maintain performance for the Facebook and Twitter campaigns in the UK and NL.

Due to the size of the ad spend, the focus was to perform slow and steady nudges, to shift performance in the right direction.

The account already had a solid structure and strong fundamentals. The opportunities were mainly linked to relentless testing creative, and effectively analysing performance to influence decision making.

During my time there I was able to incorporate seamlessly with the team, understand performance, and maintain it throughout the peak of the Champions League - one of the main events throughout the period.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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