This resulted in Michelin optimizing their eCommerce product pages with important keywords which resulted in an increase in rankings.

The Challenge

Michelin wanted to understand how people searched on Google, Amazon, and Walmart and execute a targeted eCommerce SEO campaign.

The Process

Google and Amazon are 2 separate search engines. In regards to Amazon, there is a lot of reverse engineering needed as they keep how their algorithm works a secret.

People don't search the same way on Google and Amazon. We first started by looking at keyword data on Google and then analyzed keyword data on Amazon.

We then compared and contrasted keyword data and identified the differences of how people searched on Google and Amazon.

From there, we came up with an eCommerce product page optimization plan to execute across Amazon and Walmart.

The keyword data also influenced their content creation moving forwards and what they chose to write about in descriptions to increase rankings and conversion rates.

The Solution

This resulted in Michelin optimizing their eCommerce product pages with important keywords which resulted in an increase in rankings.

Skills Used



Automotive & Transportation

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