They grew their retail sales in a 120% nation wide.

They grew their customers sales in a 150% nation wide.


Josefina D.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Build an ads strategy to get more leads.

The Process

We build a Google ads account and all the Facebook business account for the brand.

Started working in a lead generation campaign with:

Google search campaign.

Google Display Camplign.

Facebook and Instragram ads, with a message, convertion and traffic campaigsn

The Solution

They grew their retail sales in a 120% nation wide.

They grew their customers sales in a 150% nation wide.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Google Shopping,Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Content Marketing



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More Case Study

Casa Bliss Cannabis

This client was opening its first medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in a suburb of Toronto with about 5 other locations nearby.

They were the "new kids on the block" and their goal was to cut into the existing market share.

Most people search for dispensaries if they already don't have a favourite one they go to.

We took advantage of this and got them ranked within the top 3 positions on Google from our SEO for over 15 keywords related to their demographics search queries.

This was all done within 5 months of starting.

They became the highest volume cannabis store in the area and now they've opened a second location which we also manage for SEO.

Important to note that they weren't doing any other form on online marketing.


Sale of 10,000 trading courses on eBay, Amazon, Shopify. Creating marketing content, emails, sales pages, landing pages, extensive campaigns, webinars, online launches, on a large scale




Reconfigure WooCommerce site for optimized Google Shopping advertising opportunities.



Giving Masks

As an experienced marketer in the medical supplies space, we identified many challenges during COVID within sourcing quality face masks. Once we had access to quality masks we could actually deliver, it was a big challenge to market these masks, as most channels (Google, Facebook, Amazon) were banning masks from being advertised.