Over the course of 12 months, organic traffic increased an astonishing 83% and revenue from organic search by over 50%.

Mitchell Kelly

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The Challenge

Byron Bay Gifts is a leading Australian hamper delivery company specialising in gift hampers containing organic and natural products from the Byron Bay region.

While they had achieved exceptional growth from strong word of mouth and highly profitable Google Ads campaigns, they were looking for additional acquisition channels like SEO to add to their marketing mix and take them to the next level.

The Process

New category pages were added to the site to better reflect the wide range of products that the store offers as well as improve the overall UX of the site.

This exploded the site’s organic search footprint with the number of keywords the site ranking for eventually exceeding 13,000.

A longer-term authority-building campaign was implemented which gradually brought their rankings for these keywords to the 1st page - over time placing them comfortably in the top 5.

Schema markup was implemented to increase the visibility of search listings within the search results page, greatly improving the click through rate to the site.

The Solution

Over the course of 12 months, organic traffic increased an astonishing 83% and revenue from organic search by over 50%.

Skills Used



Art & Entertainment

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