• 54.8x BFCM 2021 MER
  • 24% Increase of AOV [Q3 & Q4 2021]
  • 10.9x MER [Q3 & Q4 2021]
  • 50% Increase in Sales YoY (2020/2021)

Omar Juman • Ecommerce Performance Marketer

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The Challenge

Olive & Frank’s biggest issue was understanding which products were their key to unlocking growth and having an advertising structure that made managing stock & inventory easier (providing the ability to scale).

The Process

The brand had great products before I started working with them, but I ran my testing framework and I was able to understand which products were able to really unlock growth, sell profitably at a consistent rate.

The main things I brought to the table were conversion-focused ad creatives, on-brand messaging & a testing & scaling framework that's allowed the brand to stablise their inventory management & drive growth through advertising.

_ _ _

“Omar has helped me understand and navigate the murky waters of iOS14. Not only have we figured out how to drive growth for my brand before & during this period, but he was able to advise on multiple marketing strategies too.”

Chloe, Founder

The Solution

  • 54.8x BFCM 2021 MER
  • 24% Increase of AOV [Q3 & Q4 2021]
  • 10.9x MER [Q3 & Q4 2021]
  • 50% Increase in Sales YoY (2020/2021)
Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads


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