-Crafted plan to maximize loop holes amongst competitors.

-Innovative production strategies to streamline content creation.

Brielle C.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Revamping their entire online brand identity and reaching an entirely new audience on social media.

The Process

Analytical research to position company amongst competitors on social landscape.

Create social media department structure by creating 25 new positions to be filled by end of 2023.

Creating social media and influencer budget for 2023.

Brands & comms related work to create a new brand identity.

Creation of brand persona.

Creation of brand guide for social media.

Creation of new ambassador program, influencer initiative, and social media initiative.

Management of $1.5 million plus monthly sales quota for social media.

The Solution

-Crafted plan to maximize loop holes amongst competitors.

-Innovative production strategies to streamline content creation.

Skills Used

Other,Content Marketing,Marketing Strategy,Branding,Marketing Strategy,Social Media Management,Marketing Strategy


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