Non-brand traffic back in upward trend and currently we are between +36-55% YoY week-to-week in total non-brand organic clicks to the website.

Tarek E.

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The Challenge

Late-stage funded startup in the greetings/invitations space. Experiencing non-brand traffic declines and down trends from organic search channel during Q4 of 2019 that reached as low as -37% YoY.

The Process

Existing content optimization

  • Provided content briefs to provide writers with guidance for how to optimize a piece of content for SEO, including target keywords, page title modifications, and terms to distribute. 
  • Targeted low-hanging fruit keywords with re-optimized content that have the highest opportunity for quick growth 
  • Improved internal linking between existing content assets
  • Refreshed existing blog and PLP content assets

New content expansion

  • Identified key areas of organic search market where we were already preforming best in
  • Ideated new content ideas for the top and bottom of the funnel content
  • Recommended areas of opportunity to expand internationally into new markets and how to optimize for users outside of the U.S.

Technical optimization

  • Pagespeed
  • A/B testing
  • XML sitemaps
  • Schema
  • Pagination

The Solution

Non-brand traffic back in upward trend and currently we are between +36-55% YoY week-to-week in total non-brand organic clicks to the website.

Skills Used



Nonprofit & Government

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More Case Study


I helped this brand launch their eCommerce store and set up Klaviyo for them. They are a natural supplement brand and have preworkout and protein power with the right amount of stimulants. The customer profile is someone who is health-conscious and doesn't want anything extra in their body. The biggest challenge we faced was that this was a new brand. Our goal is to get people use to Klaviyo emails and be open to them as this is a consumable product.

Follett School Solutions

Follett was struggling to achieve high-value keyword rank performance within the search engines as well as deliver on incremental organic traffic to boost online sales of books, textbooks and consumables to consumers. The challenge I faced was to analyze current SEO performance and execute various SEO tactics and tasks to improve keyword rank, organic traffic and eComm sales.



Palace Interior

Palace Interior is a window blinds company serving South Florida (USA). It needed more leads to provide its sales team to schedule free in-home estimates and installations to increase yearly revenue. 

With an incredible reputation and being in business for over 20 years, we felt confident in delivering results even with little to no prior digital marketing efforts. So our team focused on launching a lead generation campaign on Google search ads to help the brand be visible to potential customers looking for their services. We created a series of high-converting landing pages and highly engaging search ads and, most importantly, tracked/recorded every lead generated.

Our client was able to generate over 100+ leads every month and maintain a return on ad spend of over 5. Working closely with their team, we have continued to improve their sales process using digital ads, scale their campaigns, and increase their monthly revenue.




We had to ensure the CAC was low enough to generate profit but that we scaled quickly enough to achieve growth projections for future funding rounds.