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The Challenge

Promoting hand sanitizers on Facebook. The CPA increased over a period of time, and it was not cost-effective to run the Facebook campaign.

The Process

Testing new Facebook video creatives and static pictures. Creating new prospecting audiences split out based on interest and age and location. Targeting users only on WIFI and only the Facebook feed, as this is the most effective placement based on past performance. Creating a new retargeting campaign with new LLA audiences.

The Solution

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads



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More Case Study




The Challenge

Prior to working with Diogenes Solutions, the team at Gakken focused their efforts on Amazon Marketing with no Success usually just opting for automatic Amazon PPC campaigns that were costly and not profitable.

To position itself as a Top selling children’s book company, Gakken would have to prioritize targeted manual PPC campaigns. They would need to focus on ASIN targeting competitor products. Book targeting needs to be conservative in bidding and hyper targeted.

The Gakken team sought me out as the right person to take on the challenge.

The goal was to refine Gakkens PPC targeting with manual Selection, identify high-impact keywords, Categories and Products as well as display ads to fill topic gaps throughout the funnel, and ultimately, grow traffic and conversions.



Hongos del Pilar

Get to 10k followers by the end of the year in Instagram

Improve the storytelling.

Increasing sales.

Convo Communications

Convo was an interesting case because they have brand recognition in the market but their socials were quiet and under utilized.



Black Limo MTL

They were working with another agency for Google ads but the results were bad