Completely revamped website set up for conversions.


Jay Neyer

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Needed a revamped website to help with AOV and conversion rate

The Process

I worked closely with the company founders to revamp their UI/UX with the intent of optimizing both conversions and AOV.

The Solution

Completely revamped website set up for conversions.

Skills Used


Food & Drink

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More Case Study

Edie Productions

EDP needed a professional website built, designed, and optimized for their commercial cinematography business. The target audience was high-end local businesses seeking a top-notched marketing team that handled everything from casting to ad management.

Marvel x Hulu

Create a successful launch campaign for Hulu's latest tv show collaboration with Marvel.

The del Coursy Collection

I work with The del Coursy Collection for 5 wonderful years managing and implementing full-service marketing. This included social media, email marketing, content marketing, web design, media production and PR. When I started working with del Coursy they focused on their brick-and-mortar store and had zero online footprint. I built their online presence from the ground up.



Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Lighting is an e-commerce store that primarily sells lighting fixtures to businesses, but some of their lighting products also appealed to home owners. By segmenting out search campaigns by search intent we were able to successfully target both B2B and B2C buyers.