Ultimately, Rhone Apparel had the biggest Black Friday and Q4 Rhone in the company history. The brand almost doubled sales from the prior year.


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The Challenge

Rhone Apparel was a relatively new brand competing in a crowded category. Our challenge was to help them stand out, especially during the busy Q4 season where they had steep goals and investor expectations.

The Process

My role was to advise Rhone on their media strategy and guide performance.

In the early part of the year, we ran multiple tests, to develop insights across what creative types, audiences, targeting, and SKUs are effective.

We ran multiple tests that showed specific video formats were highly effective, that included text overlays, models adjusting the corners of their clothes, and detailed zoom in shots.

We used these insights, combined with our awareness of Facebook platform trends, to begin Holiday advertising as consumers were starting to think through purchase decisions in late October. By advertising heavily earlier in the holiday season, we took advantage of lower CPMs and were able to retarget this qualified audience we had built in mid-November.

The Solution

Ultimately, Rhone Apparel had the biggest Black Friday and Q4 Rhone in the company history. The brand almost doubled sales from the prior year.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Paid Ads,Branding


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