Sold to original Founder.

Jonathan L.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Acquired the 20 year old home furnishing brand out of bankruptcy.

The Process

Led acquisition, turnaround strategy and sale of the 20 year-old home furnishings brand.

Oversaw operations and brand management including business growth plan and marketing execution resulting in new growth for its multi-category partnership with Target, 9 new global partnerships including TOMS, QVC, Michaels, House of Fraser (UK) and Sazasby League (Japan) and launching over 13 new product categories.

The Solution

Sold to original Founder.

Skills Used



Home & Garden

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More Case Study


SureFit was looking to improve it's eCommerce sales primarily through organic, paid search, affiliate and email channels. The challenge was to create a holistic digital marketing strategy that the company could implement on a consistent basis to generate direct to consumer sales as well as customer retention/repeat purchases.




New brand coming into disrupt the space. We had to build everything from the ground up.



Vant Panels

  1. Ensuring ad spend is used efficiently.
  2. Verifying that tracking is done properly, given that Vant Panels sells free samples, tracking those are super important.
  3. Growing revenue. We've seen too often where flourishing brands find it tough to break through new self imposed ceilings in their ad accounts.


This client didn't have any finalized branding when I joined the team. I helped them finalize their brand ID (which they have since changed) and developed email templates based off of the guide for a cohesive member experience. They also had under cared for email flows.