Sold to original Founder.

Jonathan L.

Mayple Vetted


The Challenge

Acquired the 20 year old home furnishing brand out of bankruptcy.

The Process

Led acquisition, turnaround strategy and sale of the 20 year-old home furnishings brand.

Oversaw operations and brand management including business growth plan and marketing execution resulting in new growth for its multi-category partnership with Target, 9 new global partnerships including TOMS, QVC, Michaels, House of Fraser (UK) and Sazasby League (Japan) and launching over 13 new product categories.

The Solution

Sold to original Founder.

Skills Used



Home & Garden

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More Case Study



Oli Joy Sports

Help launch an online store for a wholesaler that relied on eBay sales.

Myx Fitness

We were challenged to 10X scale our monthly revenue while maintaining ROAS.



Pure Greens

For this project I had to help to work with the content marketing team to come up with an offer to advertise on social and acquire an email list.

They created a free guide related to the product we were selling and I helped with creating a advertising strategy, creating the landing page, and integrating it with our email marketing software.

The challenge was that we never promoted an offer and we had zero data or emails to leverage.



Royal Canin

  • To re-define marketing strategy for France and CEE markets
  • Run brand awareness campaigns on programmatic channels
  • Increase the reach to relevant audience and to use this data for future targeting campaigns
  • Re-target users that performed some action on website and get more purchases.