So far the account has grown from 0 followers in March to 17,000 as of August 2022 - job still ongoing.

Jonny R.

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The Challenge

Bringing a 50-year-old retailer into the year 2022 by creating and growing the TikTok account from scratch through Organic and Paid Methods.

The Process

Slater Menswear has managed to stay ahead of imagery trends in the competitive high street.

Although normally a laggard when it comes to embracing new technologies - I made a case for TikTok needing to be a large focus in 2022 coming out of the pandemic.

Through content creation (either newly created, from the bank of images and videos) I used an organic strategy to give the page content to make the page worth following.

I then implemented a paid influencer strategy - building relationships, managing their visits to stores and content deadlines, with them creating a unique piece of content for Slater's feed as well as another for their own - to push Slaters in front of a relevant audience that their own posts may not be reaching.

The paid strategy follows two method - one for growing followers, another for engagement, to really maximise results whilst paid on TikTok is still relatively cheap!

The Solution

So far the account has grown from 0 followers in March to 17,000 as of August 2022 - job still ongoing.

Skills Used

Paid Ads,Social Media Management,Content Marketing,Branding,Marketing Strategy


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